The Temptress

Agent of the Seducer God Sehvet


The woman known as the Temptress never knew her parents. Her first memories are of growing up as a Street Urchin in a city that no longer exists. She ran with a gang of urchins during this time. Life on the streets was hard for children and they did whatever was required to survive. She knew little of love and even that was more properly ‘loyalty’ than anything else. There was little to no joy om her life and all of them were lucky to have some sort of shelter and the meagerist food for their bellies.

Eventually, when she was roughly twelve, she got noticed by the wrong man and was abducted. He washed her and then sold her to a establishment that dealt in allowing men to ‘use’ virgin girls. After being raped by a roomful of men that place sold her off to a pimp. The pimp made her work the streets to pay his expenses along with a handful of other girls. She lived like that another couple of years before she could not take it anymore and tore his throat out with her bare hands.

She took the other girls with her and they tried going it on their own. The pimps however didn’t see these girls as people but as objects and ‘unowned’ objects were things for the taking. Eventually after many beatings and a few poisoned would be ‘owners’, helped by an apothecary owner she had ‘met’, the pimps eventually decided her and her girls were simply to much trouble.

Around this time she had come to realize that she was what men thought of as attractive and that with the right suggestions and manners men would often do what she wanted for the lure of sex and other pleasures. She began cultivating a persona and developing contacts in the higher echelons of society while running a ‘upscale’ brothel and becoming a ‘respectable’ business woman.

By the time she was around eighteen years old she had managed to acquire a place in the ruling lord’s court. He was a middle aged man married to half-witted unappealing woman. The temptress caught his eye and then drew him in. Within a year the lord slew his wife in cold blood for the temptress. She had come to hate the city during her life there and manipulated the city’s lord into going to war with another city state. A war her city lost. She however escaped well before the fall and took her employees and her assets to another city under an escort of guards.

This got her the notice of Sehvet and he came to her in the form of his avatar. He admired her skill and deft at playing with the hearts and minds of others and wanted her to expand her efforts with his help. He also tried to seduce her as he does all women, but sex holds no pleasure for her and so she is one of the few women to ever resist his advances. He oddly finds this endearing. The temptress agreed in the end, after all who would not want to have a god’s power to count on?

While working for the defiler gods inevitably leads one into corruption and defilement, she has resisted any outward sign of such for her quite extended 800 years of life. One of Sehvet’s gifts to her was the ability to steal the very life essence from those who give it to her willingly. Her own abilities make them want to do so and so she continues to look no more than her early twenties in age.

The Temptress

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