The Avengers are a group that existed since sometime during the Second Age and before courts and laws were founded. The idea is simple, a person who has been wronged can come to the Avengers and they will settle matters. However the avengers seek to right wrongs in blood and suffering on the guilty party rather then settling things more peacefully and they tend not to care how ‘powerful’ someone is.


What few now recall is that the Avengers were started by Ira before she became a Defiler and Her moving into the role of Defiler caused Dli to create the rule of law. However for all the chaos of it’s origins, it has managed to do as much good as evil and will act when the law cannot or will not.

Purpose and Goals

The Avengers are a sort of last resort to those who have been wronged during modern times. Providing a course of action to right wrongs where the law cannot, will not, or simply doesn’t exist. They are also the bane of diplomats as even for committing murder the most likely thing the law can do is send them back to their home, but they know that if they do wrongs it opens them up to punishment from the Avengers.


Anyone can join the Avengers provided the proper dedication and temperament exists, however few become arbiters and meet out punishments. As it is their organizations ranks are now fairly small compared to earlier ages as the rule of law is much stronger then in times past.

Most of their operations simply take place at the homes of members which will be stocked with the necessary tools and equipment, in a fashion much like an underground. Rumor exists though of some sort of headquarters where they can meet and gather freely, but no one has any clue if such a place exists or where it may be.


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