Dli is the Embodiment of Law, the Lawbringer, the Protector of Order, the Guardian, the Shield of the Righteous, and the Kingmaker/Queenmaker. Her hand appoints rulers among mortals, her arms protect kingdoms, and her body shields the common man. She is also the executioner of criminals and the patron of warriors.


Dli began as the goddess representing law and order, but during the Wars of the First Age her brother Verndari, the Guardian, feel in battle with the Ancients. The legend tells that Dli picked up his shield without a moments hesitation and took his place defending the host of the Gods. By the end of the First Age she had accumulated a bunch of titles as she held firm when others would fail. She is also the one to visit each of the races created by the ancients and set them free, she also chose who would lead each group and gave them their first laws.

Worship and Priestly servants

While like many gods all her true priests are Sorcerers bearing the mage gift, she also requires that each know the arts of combat so many are Fighters and Soldiers before the join or are trained in how to fight once they join.


Every city state or nation has a reference to her in their sacred rites of office for their rulers. Though each varies no one sane wants to deny the hand of Dli and it’s power to safeguard a rulers reign.


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