Doden is the Mad Dead God who rules over the dead. He is also the Lord of the Undead and while not generally considered a Defiler he helped create the first Vampires during the Third Age. He is as likely to destroy life as save it. It is far more feared then worshiped, but it seems not to care.


Doden was thought destroyed along with one of the Ancients it had fought during the Wars of the First Age. That may even be true, but if it is it’s not the whole truth. Instead it seems the two merged in some way or what remains of them did and created something new. The result, either way, is quite insane. Most of the other gods prefer to avoid Doden and Lux Lucis actively opposes his work with the undead, hence why light is said to hurt them.

Worship and Priestly Servants

His priests are all Sorcerers with mage gift. His priesthood is split, on side worships him as the rightful god of the dead. The other sees him as the Master of Necromancy. The two sides rarely wish anything to do with each other and Doden enjoys this.


Doden’s priests rule over burial and death rites. If one chooses not to have Doden’s priests officiate a death and perform a proper burial it is said that the person will rise again as an undead because of it. Their is also a price one must pay after death to entire Doden’s realm to be judged and so all of the dead must have an offering given up in their name or be suffered to roam outside Doden’s realm for eternity.


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