Do’Umer are the smallest race known. They are no more than half the height of the average human and so shorter than Dwarves. They lack body hair and have sweeping downward facing ‘ears’ and three toed feet. They are known for their ability with gemstones and much like Dwarves they live underground though they prefer hills over mountains, are adept crasftsmen, and able miners. However they lack the endurance and strength of dwarves and are instead dexterous and nimble.


Do’Umer are simple folk in general and most spend their lives in their hill communities with diverse interests. Once in awhile a child will be born with a greater than normal wanderlust and these are usually the ones the rest of the world sees as most never stray far from home. Those with the wanderlust often become merchants, wandering craftsmen, or on rare occasion nonviolent thieves. The thing Do’Umer do worst is combat as their short stature, low endurance, and lack of strength all effect their ability with weapons compared to other races.

Life Cycle

Do’Umer can be born any time in the year and mark the advance of all children born in a year at new years. Children become adults sometime between 32 and 45 years of age depending on which culture or sometimes even what community they live in. The average lifespan is between 150 and 200 years and the oldest humans tend to live to be near 260 years old.


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