Nornan are essentially hardy-but-stumpy humans who see well in the dark. They have sometimes been called ‘haflings’ by humans, though they would be the first to demand to know what they are meant to be half of. They are however typically about 2/3rds the height of most humans, and though they range from lanky to robust in the same way humans do, they tend toward extremes of weight. They are known for enjoying food, drink, tobacco, and smashing things. Their craftsmanship is known the world over.


Traditionally Nornans build their homes and other structures into hills or mountains. They have built many hamlets on the surface and some fairly inventive structures underground.

They are known for being very ‘earthy’ and yet civilized. They organize into clan structures which then form into larger communities as they grow and develop. They are a social race, though also reserved outside their clans.

Life Cycle

Dwarves can be born any time in the year and mark the advance of all children born in a year on the day of each child’s birth. Children become adults sometime between 30 and 40 years of age depending on which community they live in. The average lifespan is between 150 and 200 years and the oldest humans tend to live to be near 250 years old.

Rune Crafting

Rune Crafting is a gift given to the Dwarves by Dumat. Much like Fey Crafting with the Fey, dwarves can put some of their natural crafting essence into the things they make. However theirs was far more subtle than the Fey and so Dumat offered them something more: Rune Crafting. Rune Crafting allows a Dwarven craftsman to inscribe words of power into an item, these runes can have many effects with each particular rune being different.

Dwarven craftsmen learn new runes during their training until they reach master status and know all the runes. Other races have tried to learn how to perform rune crafting and even the best non-dwarven master has trouble learning even one rune. Those non dwarven rune craftsmen are still great masters among their people, but could never rival Dwarven craftsmen. Their is one race that by long ago order of Dumat may never learn any runes: The Fey. Fey scholars who know of the dwarven art suspect it is because of their natural ability for crafting and how it may effect the runes. The Ancient’s like Dumat used rune crafting extensively and those rare Ancient relics often are inscribed with dozens of runes or even hundreds in some cases, well more then any dwarven artifact.

Even without Rune Crafting dwarven made weapons hold their sharpness longer and don’t break as easily. Also their armor is more durable and robust. It also makes their tools last longer, but has little effect on anything else.


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