Eoli is the strongest of the sky spirits and is the Lady of the Heavens, the Winds, the Elements, and the unseen spirits of the air. She is the patron of sailors and travelers, and is invoked for auspicious stars at birth and for good fortune in daily life. She is also the bringer of rain and so invoked by farmers and those suffering from drought.


Eoli is the surviving deity of the ‘Sky Lords’ a group of siblings who had domain over the aspects of the air. Originally she was just the Goddess of the Western Winds until all the rest of the Sky Lords fell to the host of the Ancients during the Wars of the First Age. She claimed the mantles of her siblings and now dominates the skies. The only mantle she does not claim is that of storms which is held by Voda and the two have a friendly rivalry as she is known as the one who calms Voda’s rage.

Worship and Priestly Servants

Her priests are all Sorcerers with mage gift who focus on wind and air related uses for their gifts. Many were once sailors and all are travelers. Her faithful perform a quest during their time of service to her to see the world and because of this her priests are nomadic moving from one temple to Eoli to the next. This is arranged to some degree so their is always staff at her temples, but even the head of the faith freely travels from temple to temple.


Eloi’s holy day is in Spring and is often called ‘Planting Day’ though the exact name varies by region. On this day her priests bless farms and welcome travelers and sailors to dine with them.


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