Fey are an odd humanoid race. In most ways they resemble humans, the only things giving them away being their more pointed ears. However They come in many more shades of skin coloration, everything from charcoals to reds, greens, purples, and blues can be seen among them. Another thing that gives away some of them is their hair, which can come in a rainbow of colors.


Fey culture is massively hierarchical within a set territory. They have common folk who are craftsmen, laborers, hunters, and warriors on the bottom and a array of nobles in charge. Nobles all command a certain amount of mystical or psychic power.

Fey Territories cover forests in much the way Dwarven territories cover hills and mountain ranges. They cultivate the trees into massive growths in the very heart of the forests and create homes within and between the branches. If the Fey does not wish someone to know of their homes then that person could walk right below them and never know their tree cities are above.

Life Cycle

Fey can be born any time in the year and most Fey communities mark the advance of all children born in a year at summer solstice. Children become adults sometime between 130 and 180 years of age depending on which community they live in. The average lifespan is between 700 and 800 years and the oldest Fey tend to live to be near 1000 years old.

Fey Crafting

Fey crafting is a quasi magical ability possessed by all Fey. Part of their essence is passed onto things they craft just through the process of creation of the item. This means a bow made by Fey is often more accurate and has a longer effective range then one made by anyone else, their boots made by them are quieter when walking in the woods, or their armor is lighter and more flexible then that of other races. The Fey doesn’t have to do anything particularly special to cause this effect, they just have to take their time and do it right.

In the old days of the First and Second Ages this ability was far far stronger than it is now. So strong in fact that their vales and tree cities run riot with the Fey crafting power taming the land to suit the Fey and protecting them from outside threats.


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