Gallimus is a rather ostrich-like with a small head, toothless beak, large eyes, a long neck, short arms, long legs, and a long tail. Gallimus has a distinctly short ‘hand’ relative to the humerus length, when compared to other ornithomimids. The tail was used as a counter-balance. The eyes are located on the sides of its head, meaning that it does not possess binocular vision. Like most modern birds and other theropods, it has hollow bones. Gallimus has a number of adaptations which suggest good running ability, such as a strong ilium, heavy tail base, long limbs, a long tibia and metatarsus and short toes which make them very fast runners for their size. All ornithomimids have long skulls, but Gallimus is exceptionally elongated due to an elongation of the snout.


Gallimus live in: Grasslands and Steppes or Prairies. They also tend to go into the edges of forests and jungles, though they don’t live in them.


Gallimus are herbivores. They tend to eat mostly grasses and several types of bushes, but also tend to eat leaves from trees.

Gallimus are found both alone and in mated pairs or small families while their offspring develop.


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