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Gou-Ti are related to giant ocean turtles, though these Usually live on land. They are massive creatures over 25 meters tall when fully grown, half that height is from their four massive legs. They also have incredibly long necks almost long enough to reach the ground when standing. Their bodies have massive shells over their spines along their backs, though these shells develop upwards and away from their actual body structure leaving empty space inside.


Variations of the Gou-Ti exist in Steppes or Prairies and Seas and Oceans. Both versions are physically different then the other in appearance, but both are known as Gou-Ti.


Gou-Ti are omnivores. The one consideration is that they must be able to swallow whole anything they eat. Though at their size, that’s almost anything. Most creatures just end up getting to close and become food or they swallow a tree whole including everything living in it.

Gou-Ti form into small herds. A Gou-Ti herd seldom goes above six creatures.

Aquatic Gou-Ti

Aquatic Gou-Ti are amphibious and can breathe underwater using gills, but their only other difference is appearance.
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