Ibunshi is the largest of all Sokoku clans as it technically includes all Fey, Chiara, Karisu, Minza, and Do’Umer within Sokoku. However in practice they exist more as 3 groups. All of these races arrived at some point during the Third Age.

The Do’Umer ancestors arrived with a crashed airship only a couple hundred years ago, well after the fighting on Sokoku had ended. Unable to return home they managed to work out a deal to help mine the resources under the ground for the Emperor in return for staying within the nation. Few on the surface ever see a Do’Umer as only a handful ever come to the surface from their mines.

The Chiara, Karisu, and Minza were all part of small attack forces that were harassing the Sokoku army. When the fighting ceased and Sokoku isolated itself they were left behind. These three races formed their own communities within the human ones across many cities, living with humans but also not really being ‘human’. Enough time has passed that Sokoku myth now says that they are the descendants of animal spirits native to Sokoku.

The Fey had the largest army on Sokoku during the Third Age and with peace and the coming of the isolationist policy the Fey army was stuck. Sun Xiang Ren decided to give them the option of Settling in some of the farthest corners of Sokoku rather than waging a protracted war to remove them. They agreed as they knew without supplies or reinforcements that death was the only outcome of continued fighting. So several communities such as Luzhou were formed with a mostly Fey population. It is only within the last couple hundred years that the last of the original Fey army have finally passed on, so to the current elders the war for Sokoku during the Third Age was only part of their parents generation.

These 3 groups rarely work together, which is why the Ibunshi are easily the largest clan with nearly 1 out of every 10 people in Sokoku belonging to it, and yet they have little political influence compared to their size. The Fey prefer to stay in their own communities as do the Do’Umer. Only the Chiara, Karisu, and Minza tend to be active in Sokoku affairs.


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