Ichthy are giant marine reptiles that resemble fish and dolphins. They average 2–4 meters (6.6–13 ft) in length with a porpoise-like head and a long toothed snout. Built for speed, like modern tuna, some ichthy are also deep divers. They have been seen to swim at speeds up to 40 kilometres per hour (25 mph). Similar to modern cetaceans such as whales and dolphins, they are air-breathing. Ichthy can vary in size depending on species habitat and a 2.4 meters (7.9 ft) Ichthy weighs around 163–168 kilograms (360–370 lb) while a 4 meter (13 ft) Ichthy weighs 930–950 kilograms (1.03–1.05 short tons).


Variations of the Ichthy exist in Seas and Oceans and Coasts or Shorelines.


Ichthy are carnivores.

Ichthy form into small family groups referred to as pods.


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