Krasa is the goddess of beauty and art. She is also the goddess of sex, goddess of marriage, and the goddess of women.


Krasa was considered by most to be the most unlikely to survive the war with the Ancients, but against all odds she lived. It is said however that the only reason for this is that her beauty touched even the Ancients and they could not bear to destroy her. However upon her survival she claimed the aspects of sex and women from her dead sisters, taking them into herself. For this reason she is sometimes known as the Trinity Goddess.

Worship and Priestly servants

Her priests are almost all women, though certain male sects exist, and all are Sorcerers bearing mage gift. All her servants must perform a period of sexual service to others as part of their service to Krasa before going on to fill other roles. For this reason her temples all bear a section set aside that bears a resemblance to a upscale brothel. No money is regard to change hands during such acts, but donations to the church are appreciated. To keep problems from occurring due to children being born of these unions most clergy perform a ritual before entering this period of service that keeps any children from being conceived.


The best known though least known about ritual of Krasa is the high secretive Rite of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It is conducted by the priestesses of Krasa exclusively for women and is held each year to mark the passing of women from one stage of life to the next. The Passage of the Maiden is performed on women when they turn 13 or there abouts. The Passage of Mother comes upon having conceived a child. And finally the Passage of the Crone marks when a woman may no longer give birth to children. Men are not allowed to see these rituals and they are only held in the heart of the temples of Krasa.

Her priests are also the ones typically performing all marriage ceremonies which in itself is a ritual to the goddess.


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