Liasis resemble snakes or eels, though they can grow much larger than most such creatures. They are mostly aquatic, prefering to live in water, but they can forage onto land for extended periods of time to hunt land creatures. Smaller creatures are often swallowed whole and larger creatures are first constricted by the Liasis’s body and then devoured. On land they slither, while in the water they make a adulating motion for propulsion.


Variations of the Liasis exist in the: Coasts or Shorelines, Swamplands, and Seas and Oceans.


Liasis are carnivorous predators. They prey on fish and land animals both, with the farthest from water one has been encountered being nearly ten miles inland. It had been drawn there by an abundance of food.

Liasis are loners, rarely gathering together for mating purposes.


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