Comsognathus by ministerart


Longipes are small bipedal animals with long hind legs and a longer tail, which it uses for balance during locomotion. The forelimbs are smaller than the hindlimbs and feature three digits equipped with solid claws suited for grasping prey. Its delicate skull is narrow and long, with a tapered snout. The skull has five pairs of fenestrae (skull openings), the largest of which was for the eyes. The eyes were large in proportion to the rest of the skull. The animals themselves are the size of turkeys. They are noted as being related to creatures like Zhaoianus, though they are covered mostly in scales with a few proto-feathers in only a few locations.


Longipes live in: Coasts or Shorelines, Forests, Grasslands, Jungles, and Steppes or Prairies. They prefer warm or temperate climates over others with easy access to water.


Longipes are carnivores. Their typical prey consists of lizards, small mammals, and insects which can mostly be swallowed whole.

Longipes are found in small groups of up to a dozen individuals. However it should be noted that they are not pack hunters and only fight together to ward off larger threats.


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