Lux Lucis


Lux Lucis is known as the lord of light and is the god of the sun. He also represents the positive aspects of tamed fire, such as warmth. He is the lord of music and the lord of commerce. He is the Patron of Skalds.


Lux Lucis held his own against the host of the Anicents during the War of the First Age, though he did not really stand out in particular. Instead he made his name during the Second Age. He inspired trade across the lands as well as music. He can be cruel or kind and is known for his shifting moods, he also played a large part in creating the Shattered Lands and the Buyuk Col during this time with Vuurheer.

Worship and Priestly Servants

His priests are all Sorcerers with mage gift who deal in using their gifts to work with light, music, and warmth. While his priests have a friendly rivalry with those of Nocturnia, they actually hold a healthy respect for each other.


Every day at dawn his followers perform the rite of rising and every sunset his followers perform the rite of setting. His biggest holy day however is midsummer, the longest day of the year when his light rains down on the world in all it’s glory. Hence midsummer feast is held by his followers every year.


While Lux Lucis should be the patron of the Merchants Alliance, the merchant princes are rarely in his favor.

Lux Lucis

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