Mertsaniye are essentially large arachnids. While not nearly as big as their cousins the Chalandria, they are still big at about a meter long. However they are far more dangerous than their cousins. They have a toxic venom they can release with a bite which acts as a paralytic nuerotoxin. If that were not enough, they can bend light around themselves causing them to shimmer in and out of sight.


Mertsaniye live in Ruins and other places underground. They can also be found anywhere relatively dark, as they avoid sunlight.


Mertsaniye are effectively carnivores as they eat animals, but much like other arachnids they don’t simply eat these creatures. Instead they inject chemicals into their victims… First to paralyze and then after wrapping them up they release digestive acids into their victims turning them into a sort of jelly that the Mertsaniye sucks up.


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