Mor leidr

Mor-Leidr is a small island a good distance from the coast that is hard to reach by ship with natural obstructions that can destroy the unwary sailor. During the Third Age a group of men, with the help of a few others, decided to use this island as a base to operate from. Originally it is thought they were privateers, but certainly over time they became simply pirates. It is so hard to reach unless you know exactly what you are doing that no outside effort has ever breached their sanctity. Though for all that the land is harsh and not very arable, so almost everything has to be imported.

Mor-Leidr is run by the Pirate Kings, a sort of council of the most wealthy and powerful pirates. No one single pirate has ever been able to take complete control for more than a decade, yet always they strive among one another for control and riches.

Anyone not born on the island or hired on to a pirate crew is at the mercy of the ‘citizens’ and usually this means they are enslaved. Slavery is rampant with most living on the island having dozens of slaves to tend their every whim.


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