Nocturnia is the Mistress of the Dark, the Lady of Mysteries, The Lucky Lady, the Queen of Thieves, the Mistress of Assassins, The last of the Twins, and the personification of the moon bearing her name. Nocturnia is nearly as hard to understand as Doden, though she is not crazy in the least. Instead she is deeply mysterious with layers on top of layers in everything she does.


Nocturnia and her twin sister were the goddesses of the two moons of the lands and shared power of the night and all those who work in it. During the Wars of the First Age her sister fell to the Ancients and Nocturnia took the mantles held by her sister as her own. Since then she has been a strange goddess by most standards and prefers to work in secret without explaining much of what she does even to those who serve her.

Worship and Priestly Servants

Unlike most orders Nocturnia has little use for priests who work magic, so while a few do in fact serve her regardless of this she is the least openly worshiped of all the gods. Instead she has a very large lay following as anyone who seeks luck or works at night falls in her domain of influence and so may seek her guidance and favor.

Because of this way of interacting with her worshipers she is also an oddity when it comes to her earthly servants who act as her avatars. Several times in the past she has given an aspect of herself to every member of the Nightingales creating hundreds of avatars. Though each has far less power then the avatars of most of her fellows they have very large numbers. This may be a page taken from the playbook of the Ancients who while not as singularly powerful as any god had far greater numbers during the Wars of the First Age, with a dozen Ancients for each god.


Nocturnia holds the night of winter solstice as sacred and her few servants perform the rite of Nocturnia on that night. Thieves and Assassins treat it as sacred as well and to the delight of most no self-respecting rogue will work that night.


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