Radala are best thought of as a combination of deer and goat. They are closer to goats in size, coming to waist height for most humanoids, with lean and lanky bodies. Much like deer the males develop antlers for display and defense. Also like deer they are great leapers able to leap higher upwards then they are tall to escape over obstacles. A few groups even attempted to tame them however they are notoriously hard to tame and so far no one has managed it.


Variations of the Radala exist in the: Forests, Mountains, and Steppes or Prairies.


Radala are vegetarians, they actually cannot eat meat or anything else besides a variety of plants. This means they spend considerable time grazing each day.

Radala are highly social and live in large family groups, lead by the eldest members. These groups are called herds and can have hundreds of Radala in it.


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