Revenants are creatures formed from the dead through necromantic arts. They appear as skeletal figures and are typically equipped with a variety of blades or axes and some sort of armor. They can be hard to kill as they must be shattered beyond their ability to hold together or destroyed with magical arts. The majority of Revenants are nearly mindless constructs who can be given simple instructions or commands by their creator or those designated by their creator.

A greater form of Revenant also exists which is created by someone of great power who dies and refuses to leave the mortal world, but those are rare. These Greater Revenants or Revenant Lords are as intelligent and strong willed as they were in life.


Revenants can be found anywhere, though most commonly in Ruins.


While neither type lives, certain things can be said about each.

Simple or lesser Revenants simply perform whatever their last task was that they were given.

Revenant Lords or Greater Revenants however perform whatever acts they chose, usually much as they did while alive except they have no need to eat, drink, sleep, or excrete. All of which gives them far more time for other things.


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