Warrior 2

Rhyfel is the Master of All Arms, Lord of War, the Honorable Blade, and the Savant of Tactics. Rhyfel is also considered a two faced god because while outwardly he holds to a code of honor in times of need he has no difficulty performing cold blooded murder and utilizing weapons like poison. It is said that he lost an eye fighting with one of the Ancients in the First Age, though this is said to not diminish his abilities at all. Disabled warriors often aspire to his image of having lost a part of their body and yet still being able to fight. He is also the patron of soldiers, though he often shares them with Dli.


Rhyfel lead the Gods in their War against the Ancients during the First Age. It is said when he fought in single combat against the strongest of the Ancients, Dren Fezul, and came out the victor. This is the fight in which he lost his eye.

Worship and Priestly Servants

Unlike most of the gods most of his priests are Fighters or Soldiers and only a few of them are also mage gifted. He has little use for anyone who cannot fight.


Rhyfel’s Rituals are ones before duels, before wars, and before battles. He has little use for ritual otherwise.


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