Savra Fotia

Savra fotia


Savra Fotia are lizard like creatures created through high arts sometime during the Second Age. For the most part they resemble large lizards the size of a man (much like a komodo dragon), though they have extra scaly armored forelimbs and their bodies are hot enough to cook on. In fact most having a glowing patch on their chest from their internal heat. Their most formidable feature however is much like certain kinds of dragons they can breathe a stream of fire (much like a modern flamethrower). Like many other living weapons created during the war they were not meant to live past their usefulness, but they managed to anyways.


Savra Fotia prefer warm climates these include volcanic Mountains and Jungles. On rare occasions one may be found roaming in a Forest or roaming the Grasslands.


Savra Fotia are solitary creatures, not even meeting regularly to mate. However if they encounter each other during mating season they will stay together during the mating season and then part ways. Female Savra Fotia prefer to clutch in warm places. Near volcanic rifts, in hot springs, or other naturally warm spots.

Savra Fotia

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