Homotherium serum


Serum are a catlike species of Celestia related to Atrox and Larosa. Serum are most easily characterized by their medium length tails and large flat serrated, but covered by their mouths, fangs. These characteristics often get them called the ‘Medium Cat’, something not helped by being the second tallest of the three. Serum reach about 1.1 m at the shoulder (about the size of a lion) and weigh an estimated 190 kg on average. What makes them most unique is their focus on day hunting, with very advanced eyesight.


Variations of the Serum exist in Forests, Grasslands, Mountains, and Tundra. They generally live in colder environments than their cousins and hunt animals with thick dense hides.


Serum are carnivores, though they have occasionally been spotted eating certain plants. They are known as long endurance runners who chase down their prey. In particular large herd animals with thick dense hides such as the Coelod.

Serum form into packs lead by the dominant male within the group. These packs typically contain six to twelve Serum each, with the largest ever reported consisting of eighteen Serum.


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