Shuvuuia is a small and lightly built animal at 60 cm (2 ft) in length. The skull is lightly built with long and slender jaws and minute teeth. Shuvuuia is unique among non-avian theropods in the skull’s ability to perform prokinesis, it can flex its upper jaw independently of its braincase. The hindlimbs of Shuvuuia are long, slender, and short-toed for significant running capabilities. The forelimbs are unusually short and powerfully constructed consisting of reduced second and third fingers in addition to the massively enlarged thumb.


Shuvuuia live in: Forests, Grasslands, Jungles, and Steppes or Prairies.


Shuvuuia are insect hunting carnivores. Shuvuuia uses its forelimbs to open insect nests, and its slender unusually mobile jaws to probe after such prey.

Shuvuuia are found both alone and in mated pairs or small families while their offspring develop.


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