Skog is the Lord of Animals, Master of the Forests, the patron of Rangers, the Hermit God, and is known as He of Two Forms. The later is a name he has gotten because he may chose to appear as an old man or as a majestic stag with glowing eyes and a ball of fire hovering over it’s head.


Skog was one of the more powerful Gods during the Wars with the Ancients during the First Age. He was able to turn any animals used against the Gods by the Ancients and while even in those days animals could not rival either group in power, they provided distractions at opportune times. He also managed to set several of the Dragons free, including all four of the Elder Wyrms still alive. This is something he now regrets as while they acted like animals back then, they now seek to over-through the Gods themselves.

Worship and Priestly Servants

His priests are all Sorcerers with mage gift, but many are also Rangers. All of them prefer to live among animals either in forests, jungles, grasslands, or other wild areas. That said they do commonly interact with other in civilized areas and even sometimes live in small towns or villages tending to sick or injured animals for the community.


Skog observes no formal days or rituals, though a Ritual is performed by them at the birth of any new animal.


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