Somidy is the Lady of Harvest, The Forest Mistress, the Healer of Wounds, the Lady of Midwives, and the Shepard. She is the shepard not only of sheep but of mortals, guiding them toward the way of living a rewarding life. She is however the Patron of shepards themselves.


Somidy was the support to the other gods during the War with the Ancients during the First Age. She healed them and supported them with her powers though most remember the stunning displays of power from others more.

Worship and Priestly Servants

All of Somidy’s clergy are Sorcerers with mage gift. They specialize in healing primarily, though they also learn certain powers over plants.


The Harvest Feast is the most holy of rituals for Somidy. Though the birth of a child is given it’s own ritual by her followers as well, meant to guide and protect the new life. Even farm animals are given their own version of the birth rites.


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