The Guardian

Guardians are not made they are born, or so the saying goes. Guardians are naturally gifted with special abilities and sometime around puberty a guardian spirit in the form of a familiar comes and chooses to bond with them. No one knows exactly where these familiars come from, however they will not choose someone with evil in their heart.

A Guardians familiar acts as a guide and adviser throughout a Guardians life and trains them in their abilities. Some nations and city states gather up their guardians and train them in groups. Others are left to their own devices or even hunted down by darker powers.

To the common man Guardian abilities seem like magic, however while some have real magic powers most have psychic gifts instead. These powers are what give a Guardian their edge of a common man. The Guardians need every edge they can get as their mandate is to guide, protect, and provide justice for the common folk.

Primary Stats
  • WIL
Primary Skills
Secondary Skills
Primary Applications/Techniques
Primary Traits
  • Psionics (Any Type)
  • Aid (Companion, Guardian Spirit/Familiar)

The Guardian

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