The Horseman

Horsemen (and women) live and die by their horses. They can be either heavy lancers who charge on the backs of massive war animals, light agile skirmishers who ride quick and agile creatures so they can strike and retreat like the wind, or scouts who do not necessarily have any combat skills. Many skirmishers are also Archers or Rangers and make use of bows to avoid getting to close. Also many Horsemen are also Mercenaries or Soldiers.

Horsemen are generally either employed by the wealthy (who can afford the high costs of the animals and their care) or standing armies (who also can pay the added costs). Caring for animals is highly expensive and only very well off horseman actually own their own animals.

Horsemen much like Archers or Rangers typically start training when young. Few schools of this craft exist and so one is more likely to find another horseman to get training from then a regimented school. However many standing armies have experts who will train new recruits deemed suitable for this type of warfare.

Primary Stats
  • REF
  • SAV
Primary Skills
  • Riding
  • Animal Handling
Secondary Skills
Primary Applications/Techniques
Primary Traits

The Horseman

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