The Shroud

The Shroud is the name of the overall thieves guild that crosses all lands of Legend. Every city has a chapter and some Towns, though some branches are more secretive then others. The bulk of the guild is not made up of thieves per se, but beggars, street kids, and teamsters. Beggars act as scouts and informants to the true thieves as do the street kids. However the street kids can graduate from their ranks and become pickpockets, thugs, or thieves.


A person called the Silver Fox runs the Shroud and is said to be the chosen of Nocturnia herself. The position of Silver Fox is passed down from generation to generation since at least the Third Age, so the position has been filled by different people and even different races from time to time. However no one knows who the Silver Fox is as they are always masked and usually even hooded when working with others.

Under the Silver Fox are the ranks of the branch heads. Each city has a branch head who governs that cities branch of the Shroud and any towns or outposts they have a presence at nearby.

Below the Branch heads are those in charge of the different sections of the Shroud: Day Master, who runs the beggars, teamsters, and pick pockets. Night Master, who runs the burglars and other who work at night. Thug Master, whose men protect the others in the Shroud. Finally their is the Specialist Master, whose job is to watch those who handle other work not under the other masters.

The Shroud

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