The Skald

The Skald, also called bards, is primarily a traveling musician. True Skalds have two of three gifts that make them so: the Gift of Composition (The ability to craft new music), the Gift of Music (The ability to play or sing), or the Bardic Gift (An ability to project emotions through music or voice). Certain schools exist for them to train at, as well as a classic apprenticeship system.

Most Skalds live nomadic lives traveling from one village, town, or city to the next. However some stay in one general area their whole lives, while others travel the world. They tell tales, play music, gossip, provide news, search for knowledge, and bring joy to everyone they can.

Many Skalds pick up skill with weapons or magic to protect themselves along the roads and forests.

Primary Stats
  • LOG
  • SAV
Primary Skills
  • Performance
  • Carousing
  • Cultural Familiarity (Any)
  • Linguistics (Any)
  • Area Knowledge
  • First Aid
  • Lore (Any)
  • Connoisseur (Any)
Secondary Skills
  • Poetry
  • Diplomacy
  • Propaganda
  • Public Speaking
  • Savoir-Faire
  • Fast-Talk
  • Acting
  • Seduction
  • Singing
  • Body Language
  • Lip Reading
  • Cartography
Primary Applications/Techniques
Primary Traits

The Skald

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