Voda is the lady of the waters, revelry, drink, and storms. She is said to cause the later only when she has had to much drink and to much revelry and becomes angry easily. Sailors admire and fear her all at once as do most that live near rivers or oceans. She is the patron of dancers and innkeepers.


Voda was always the goddess of waves until the end of the First Age. She had survived the Wars with the Ancients as the only surviving deity of water. However as no one was left related to the mantles of revelry and drink it was looking like those things would be lost from the world. To keep this from happening she took a sip from Juoda’s cup and began to dance. Her revelry and her inability to hold her drink caused storms across the world and forced Eoli to come and sooth her drunken rage. Since then she has claimed the mantles for revelry and drink as well as storms.

Worship and Priestly Servants

All of Voda’s priests are Sorcerers with mage gift and typically they focus on using their gifts aspected toward water. Their use of their powers is taught as movements like a dance and those who can truly master the ‘Dance of the Waters’ can be fearsome opponents.


Timed to spring floods is a ritual called the Thaw, which is effectively a big party held to honor the end of winter and the the time to ready the fields.


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