The Inn

The inn

The Inn is an inn along the major trading route, what makes it so unique is that unlike most inns it is not within a city of any sort. Instead it sits along the trade route in the middle of no where. It had a true name once long ago during the Third Age, but it’s become such a fixture that it is now simply ‘The Inn’ and no one recalls the original name, not even the current owner.

Many people have owned The Inn over the years, but a former adventurer of some sort is usually given it by the former owner before that owner passes on. It happens to be situated near a Node of Ley Lines and has powerful wards of protection on this area. It may be this place is built on top of some far more ancient ruin, but if so it is not an evil one.

The Inn is known for the quality of it’s food and drink and the welcoming atmosphere for those who don’t care to cause trouble. Several regulars call this place home, even a guild officer for the Mercenaries Guild can be found here.

The Inn

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