Sokoku Character Concept Notes


Rangers are rare in Sokoku, but a few do exist. Usually as wilderness hermits living outside of any clan or allegiance.


Guardians exist in relatively small numbers and usually stay with their clan. However providing justice to the common man is not really something they can do unless they also happen to have a writ from a magistrate.


Soldiers are common as the Emperor maintains a large standing army with garrisons in most areas. However most soldiers are peasants who work under generals or other commanders of more noble rank.


Mercs are rare. Most are ronin, or once noble warriors who have forsaken their liege and clan and now roam the lands. They are seriously mistrusted by just about everyone.


Sorcerers are uncommon, but powerful and respected. Much like Guardians they are often retained with their clans as they make strong allies in the inter-clan intrigues common in Sokoku.


Priests as known elsewhere are actually rare as few of those with mage gift would concentrate on the normal areas denoted for priests. The exception to this is women, who are often trained as Mikos or shrine maidens and act as magical guardians to holy sites. Most other religious figures are non-magically adept monks.


Archers are fairly common among the nobility and warrior elite, however among peasants crossbowmen are much more common. Noble archers are commonly mounted archers and contests of archery from horseback are common. Within the imperial army the bulk of the their ranged attackers are all crossbowmen.


Horsemen are common among nobility, but owning a horse is actually illegal for peasants. Instead Oxen take the place of farm horses. Among nobility horse archers are exceedingly common and cavalry is very rare. The reason for this is that most horses in Sokoku are light horses.


Fighters are best known in Sokoku as Monks, who train in both ascetic and martial disciplines, or samurai (noble fighters). Slayers are common and a few nobles are even mounted slayers. Lancers are rare as use of a shield is not a normal practice. Gladiators are also rare as the practice of gladiatorial games is outlawed (though replaced with personal dueling, which is popular to watch). Blades are about as common as slayers. Holy Warriors exist, but most commonly use polearms or spears sans shields.

Skalds (Shijin)

Shijin are sort of common, though they are entertainers more than simple musicians or storytellers. They may use puppet theater (bunraku), poetry, noh (or nō), kyōgen, kabuki, or opera.


Rogues are common, some clans are even known to be mainly rogues… However using these skills to steal or kill has harsh punishments, if caught.

Sokoku Character Concept Notes

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