Magic and Other Powers

Special Abilities are typically referred to here as ‘gifts’, for instance a Skald may have the ‘bardic gift’ and a Sorcerer will have the ‘mage gift’.

Mage Gift

Mage gift is the name for the ability that allows people to work with magic. It has four ranks of potential: Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, and Adept. Each rank allows one to work with different energies. Apprentice level mage gift restricts one to working with only their internal energy. Journeyman level potential allows one to work with local energies around themselves. Master level potential allows one to work with concentrations of energy called ‘Lye Lines’ and ‘Pools of Power’ which are collections of energy ‘stored’ for later use usually in items or places. Finally Adept Level potential allows one to access ‘Nodes’ which are collections of local energies where one Ley Line meets another.

Mage Sight

Mage Sight is what allows one to see magic and since all living things and many unliving things have traces of magic in them it allows a kind of night vision as well. Unlike the ranks of Mage Gift, Mage Sight is ranked by how far away one can see these energies. While Sorcerers don’t have to have Mage Sight at all, it is hard to work with something one cannot see. Many more who don’t have Mage Gift have Mage Sight, all Fey seem to have it to some degree for instance whether they can work magic or not.

Psychic Powers

Many have Psychic Powers and these abilities can vary widely from one to another, however few have more than one or two abilities. Many legends tell of those who had dozens of Pyschic powers or Several Pyschic Powers and Magic, but such are rare in the extreme. All Guardians have psychic powers to some degree.

Magic and Other Powers

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