The Ancient History

All Tales have a beginning in this is that tale within Land of Legends…

The First Age: The Age of the Ancients

Ancient war

At the Beginning of the world, or at least when it was still very young, beings formed from the merging of the elements. These beings were roughly humanoid in shape, though taller than most averaging around seven feet in height. Each of these beings had awesome powers and unique characteristics from others of their kind. These beings walked in both our physical world and the planes of power at the same time. They are know only known as the ancients. They walked the lands filled only with plants and primitive creatures during a time called the first age.

However the Ancients were not alone and during the first age they would clash with another kind of creature born from the primordial elements: Dragons. The two fought for dominion of all the lands and in the end the awesome powers of the Ancients prevailed and they subdued the Dragons to their will. For the rest of the First Age the Dragons would serve the Ancients.

At the close of the first age the ancient desired an increase in their power and had discovered the secrets to molding and shaping life itself. Using their new found powers they created races with similiar characteristics to themselves to act as servants. However this act seems to have garnered the attention of other powers. These new powers we call gods.

The Gods where less physical then the Ancients having a greater portion of themselves in the planes of power, but being able to interact with the physical world if they desired. The Ancients saw them as a threat and attacked them. Many Ancients and Gods both died in their battles that wrought the very heavens and shattered the lands. In the end however the gods managed to get the upper hand and banished the remaining Ancients, locking them away.

The Second Age: The age of the gods

The second age was the age of the gods. The now had dominion over the world, but they did not seem to care for it much… At least at first. However they slowly came to realize that through the worship of the races they could gain greater power. Most sought to encourage their worship through peaceful means, however some gods turned to darker ways of gaining worship. Namely through enslavement and corruption of the races. The gods who turned to these darker paths were called the Defilers.

The two sides would come to clash with their mortal servants as the instruments of their fight. The gods split and clashed each wanting to carve out their own power base of worshipers, separated by the means and methods they chose to use then the ultimate goal. During these conflicts other powers would take root. The first would be the Ancient Dragons, once servants of the Ancients they were now free and very strong compared to any mortal and even something of a threat to the gods. After them were a scattering of the Ancients who would break their bindings and return to the world as the attention of the gods was distracted.

While neither Dragon nor Ancient choose to directly assault the gods they would carve out their own domains and reclaim their lost servants during these conflicts sapping worshipers from the gods. Eventually all the forces in the world retreated to their own strongholds are millenia of war. This would bring a close to the Second Age.

The Third Age: The Age of Man

The third age would come as a new race entered the field. No one is certain where exactly humans came from, but they would be the shapers of the third age. While not physically capable as the Gods, Dragons, or Ancients and so could not oppose them, they did move while those powers were silent and made their own claims on territory and developed their own power bases that would threaten the existing powers.

The existing powers could not take this threat lying down and so sent their worshipers, enslaved armies, and created races against them. More than a century of warfare would ensue as these forces clashed. In the end the humans could not compete and turned to support the various other factions. Placing their allegiance to the Gods, Defilers, Ancients, or Dragons as they felt compelled. However these allegiances upset the careful balance that had existed before the third age. The warfare continued until a new balance was made. So ended the third age.

The Fourth Age

The Fourth Age is now. The balance exists, but anything could happen and then we would see war yet again. The Powers that be are ever greedy and selfish. Seek naught to upset the careful balance for a new age of war may be the end of us all.

The Ancient History

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